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TaysCreativeWays began as a hobby, when the owner and operator was recovering from surgery and needed something constructive to do with her time since she was not allowed to work out or run (two of her favorite things in the world). She decided that she would like to make some shirts in support of her husband, who is a police officer. With the recent buildup of animosity toward law enforcement she felt a need to stand up for all of the men and women who dedicate so much to their community and get so little in return.

It started with three shirts; one for her and one for each of her two daughters. When others saw the shirts they began to try and purchase them, which was followed by asking if there were any other designs or if she could produce shirts with designs they came up with. TaysCreativeWays was officially in business. As time went on a couple of shirt ideas turned into several design options on different styles of shirts. It was decided that there would be no more waiting around, it was time to get back into the gym and what better way to get back into going to the gym than to have some fun new work out shirts to wear.  

Now new orders are coming in every day and this hobby that was supposed to simply be something fun to pass the time has turned into a fun and exciting business opportunity to create shirts with meaning love and sometimes, a little sarcasm. TaysCreativeWays has also become a place where people can have their own creative ideas made into shirts without having to fit a limited number of generic models or being required to order a certain number of shirts to avoid over paying.  

Every item made at TaysCreativeWays is made with the highest level of care and dedication by the owner herself. The business is based out of the owner’s home.  Every night after getting home from her first job she goes straight to work on the numerous orders that she receives daily and is known to put her husband and children to work so they can have “Quality Time”.  

We are truly looking forward to this adventure, as we get the business up and going. There are several projects and plans in the works for the future and we are always open to ideas and suggestions. Thank you to all those who have given their support and we look forward to an exciting future. Sky is the limit with custom screen printing and I look forward to all the fun projects I will get to work on!